privacy screen for model 3

Privacy Screen for Model 3

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  • Sleep in your Model 3 in comfort and privacy, knowing that no one will be able to peer inside. 
  • Completely covers and blocks light from the front windshield, side windows, and rear windshield.
  • Allows you to not get woken up from the sun by blocking much of the light in the morning.
  • Leaves the factory-tinted roof uncovered for star gazing.
  • Only requires 4 mounting points: attaches with built in clips to the front sun visors and sticks to the rear windshield via built in suction cups.
  • Sets up in under a minute and packs away to fit in the palm of your hand.
  • Entire privacy screen is one piece with a sewn on pouch that fits it all inside for storage. 
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-Covers all windows

-Easy setup with only 4 connection points

-Packs away to fit in the palm of your hand

privacy screen for tesla model 3 and model y


Model 3 Privacy Screen


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Customer Reviews

Based on 221 reviews
Jens W. (Stockholm, SE)

Worked great. In the summer you still need something for the glass roof.

Arlene P. (Granby, CA)
Assez confortable

Confortable, mais les sections se séparent. Tu finis par être sur le dur à moins de se coucher sur une section au milieu

Elaine P. (Oliver, CA)
Since you asked twice I thought I should go out and try it out!

At first I thought that the carabiners were too small until I realized that you need to put the visors out. Instructions in the package would be nice. The suction cups worked fine however I would like more length both in the front and back. In the front to keep it from blocking the air vents and in the back to make it easier to use the shelf ( for glasses etc) . Modifications I will make are a couple of pieces of soft tubing to clip the fabric into the visor clips and a paper clamp for a weight to keep the fabric up on the dash. I like the fabric and I am glad I didn't try to make my own.

Conor L. (Orlando, US)
Works great, next iteration will probably be perfect

Functionally this thing was super awesome. I did a cross country road trip sleeping in various campsites and even an occasional truck stop, and felt confident nobody could see in.

There were some quirks I had to discover over time though, like even with the front tucked into the sides of the instrument panel correctly, the vents in camp mode would frequently create a sail like lift effect with low pressure and pull the screen in, eventually causing the air to go in front of it and not into the cabin. I had to put a weight just behind the screen to keep it from coming in front of the vent. Similar with the rear, where tucking it in would work at first but the slightest disturbance would pop it out. I used more weights in the back to hold it in place there as well. The other issue I ran into was the spring on one of the carabiners broke fairly quickly, as these were pretty cheap.

I will say I had essentially no issues with the suction cups though and was very happy with the set up time, price, and compact size when stored.

So with an upgrade in the carabiner clips quality and maybe some included weight in the sewing of specific parts of the screen to hold it in place, this thing will be perfect. As is it's definitely worth a buy and just keep that stuff in mind.

CK (Stillwater, US)

The shade (newly named Lightblocker) is nice and works great. We still have to test it yet out in the world but I expect it will be fine. Of note, the carabiner clips were not connected nor were the suction cups. However, to help you out - the silver carabiners go with the silver grommets to the front and the suction cups go with the black grommets to the back (as of 2022). Another helpful hint (borrowed from a youtube video - thanks dude) the attached bag of the shade goes to the back of the car. This will help you orient the front and back sides. Fill the bag with something heavy to help keep the shade on the back shelf (thanks again youtube dude). Oh and use the coat hanger clips (if you have them) to anchor the sides up. I think this is a missing key bit of information that really helps also (triple thanks youtube dude). One other helpful tidbit - slip the shade in between the dashboard and the car frame (like using dental floss) - this will also help to keep the shade more securely in place (quadruple thanks youtube dude). Easy set up otherwise. Glad I got it with the mat.