TESMAT Mattress & Carrying Case for Model 3 (Backordered. Ships in mid July 2021)
Tesla Model 3 Mattress Bed mat folded
TESMAT mattress for Tesla Model 3 compressed with case
Tesmat compression video for Tesla Model 3

TESMAT Mattress & Carrying Case for Model 3 (Backordered. Ships in mid July 2021)

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  • Specifically designed for Tesla Model 3
  • Luxurious & incredibly comfortable Gel Memory Foam mattress
  • Ultra-soft and zippered mattress covers are removable for easy washing
  • 3 individual mats unfold to form a twin sized mattress (38'' x 75'' x 2.5'')
  • Each individual unfolded mat measures (75'' x 12.5'' x 2.5'')
  • Carrying Case dimensions are 22'' x 14'' x 10''
  • Mats stack to be easily compressed and stored via a magnetic strap
  • Included TESMAT carrying case is designed to fit in the sub-trunk
  • TESMAT carrying case is insulated and waterproof so that it can also be used as a cooler

    Will the separate mats move out of place while I sleep?

    They stay put! The fabric that the mat covers are made out of gently clings to the carpet on the back of the rear seats. Additionally, fitted bedsheets that are wrapped taut over the rear seat head rests and underneath the sub-trunk/cubby cover help keep everything pressed down in place.

    Will this TESMAT fit in my Model S or X?

    It will fit, however, TESMAT is currently optimized for Model 3 & Y. Join our mailing list to be notified as soon as pre-orders open up for different Tesla models. 

    Do you ship internationally?

    Yes, we ship all around the world. Enter your shipping address at checkout to be quoted your delivery price. 

    How big the mattress is? How tall of a person does this accommodate?

    It's exactly twin sized (75'' long). A 6'3'' person can theoretically lie down on their back on it tip to tip. The top 3 mats have a wooden base underneath the memory foam. When you're lying down, the weight of your shoulders/body supports the portion of the mattress that extends past the end of the rear seat headrests (this is where the head of a tall person would be) .

    Free USA Shipping & Returns
    Doubles as a cooler &
    Fits in the subtrunk

    There's even room to spare to fit a pillow.


    It will stay at the perfect pre-set temperature all night

    It's safer than a tent and has its own security system and cameras

    It has a fireplace, built in lights, music, and movies

    Gaze at the stars though the glass roof 

    It's a fun adventure & makes road-trips more memorable

    TESMAT pays itself off after a night or two saving hotel/motel fees 



    Model 3 Combo

    Buy a mattresss + privacy screen and get our TESMAT Fitted Bed Sheets for free!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 220 reviews
    Bradley B. (Minneapolis, US)
    Happy with both product and customer service.

    Product is just what i was looking for. Customer service really helped me out when UPS mishandled my shipment. They were able to rebox it and send it again right away!

    Customer (Sydney, AU)
    Excellent way to turn your Tesla into a capsule hotel

    This bed is comfortable and easy to setup and pack down. The esky that it comes in is really useful too for all your food and drinks. Coupled with the Tesla's camp mode it is the best way to camp without settting up a tent - glamping in style!

    Daren H. (Seattle, US)
    Review for my order: TESMAT Mattress & Carrying Case for Model 3 (Backordered. Ships in mid July ...

    Sweet setup - obviously well thought out and made. Very, very nice. Easy to use - all you have to do is lay on it and it starts working immediately.

    My TESMAT Mattress & Carrying Case for Model 3 (Backordered. Ships in mid July 2021) showed up really quickly - I think within a week or so - and now I m ready to travel. Description is right on, use and storage notes are accurate.

    Alexander F. (Bochum, DE)
    Million Stars Hotel in the Mountains

    Since i have the Tesmat Mattress with Privacy screen i was many times hiking in the European mountains. Sleeping on 2.000m in this quiet places on the comfortable Tesmat is one of the best things i´ve experienced.

    Stanley W. (Ann Arbor, US)
    Flexible and comfortable

    I use my Tesmat as described on the web for a very comfortable sleep. I have also found it to work nicely with only two mats when I am alone leaving me more space for arranging several other things I carry…computer, water, a snack.. within easy reach!