tesmat camping mattress made for your tesla

TESMAT Mattress & Carrying Case for Model 3

  • Pre-order our new upgraded mattress at a discounted price. Ready to ship July 27, 2023
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Pre-order our new upgraded mattress at a discounted price of $239. Ready to ship July 27, 2023

TESMAT Mattress GEN 4

Key Improvements:

  • Thicker 3" thick memory foam
  • 1-piece design to prevent possibility of mattress pieces separating
  • Smaller packed footprint with integrated magnetic compression straps that tighten for further compression

  • Luxurious & incredibly comfortable Gel Memory Foam mattress
  • Ultra-soft and zippered mattress covers are removable for easy washing
  • The mat unfolds and unrolls to form a twin sized mattress (38'' x 75'' x 3'')
  • Carrying Case dimensions are 26'' x 14.5'' x 11''
  • Integrated hard planks extend the mattress past the edge of the folded rear seats for maximum sleeping area
  • White vegan leather carrying case top matching your Tesla seat material
  • Magnetic compression strap allows a 3 inch mattress to compress and fit in the sub-trunk 
  • Included TESMAT carrying case is designed to fit in the sub-trunk
  • TESMAT carrying case is insulated and waterproof so that it can also be used as a cooler


    Buy a mattresss + privacy screen and get our TESMAT Fitted Bed Sheets for free!

    Doubles as a cooler &
    Fits in the subtrunk

    What more could you ask for?

    tesmat carrying case doubles as a cooler


    It will stay at the perfect pre-set temperature all night

    It's safer than a tent and has its own security system and cameras

    It has a fireplace, built in lights, music, and movies

    Gaze at the stars though the glass roof 

    It's a fun adventure & makes road-trips more memorable

    TESMAT pays itself off after a night or two saving hotel/motel fees 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 364 reviews
    Shawn (Washington, US)
    Not Just for the Tesla

    I use this primarily in my Model 3 however my son recently took to camping and this doubles as our sleeping pad. Quick and easy to roll up and put away. much better than past items I have used.

    bryan c. (Los Angeles, US)
    Sensational product!

    I got one heck of a rest with my Tesmat and privacy shield. I tested it out before I take my 3500 mile round trip from Central Coast California to the Ozark’s of Arkansas. I plan on supercharging it will staying in my car the entire trip. I’m glad I came across your product. I’ll be doing live documenting via YouTube & I’ve already got a vid of your product on TikTok IG & Fb !

    Alec J. (Portland, US)
    Like a glove!

    Ordered this a few weeks back and just got a chance to unbox it/slid it in the car. Fits like a glove! Wish I woulda bought the sheets when I bought the mattress, but another order awaits. Excited to go on my road trip and use the heck out of this thing!

    Mathieu L. (Terrebonne, CA)
    Very cool

    Awesome product

    Kerry B. (Frederiksberg, DK)
    I'm happy with the Tesmat, though I needed more to make sleeping comfortable

    I'm 5' 10" tall and weigh 175 lbs. and sleeping alone in the car. The Tesmat is comfortable itself, but the slant of the back seats means that the "bed" is more like a "recliner" and I slowly slide into the trunk, meaning that my feet touch the back of the car. This wakes me so I have to slide up again, so I can't get a full night's sleep.

    I had hoped that the Tesmat would compensate by making the bottom of the mattress thicker than the top, thus giving a more level sleeping surface.

    To solve this, I bought a self-inflating mat that I use in the trunk, plus a hiking table that I lay near the top of the folded back seats and on top of the self-inflating mat, then I lay the Tesmat on top of that, giving me a near level bed. That seems to work fairly well (though I've only slept on that configuration for one night).

    The privacy shield has a "shiny" side and a "mat" side, but no instructions regarding which should face in or out. I found that "shiny side facing in" works, but "shiny side facing out" is difficult to fix in place. Would be nice to have that suggestion in the instructions. Otherwise, I find that works well.