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Model 3 + Y Hack: Rear Camera Clamp

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Rear Camera Clamp for Model 3 or Y that holds the rear-view camera screen in place while driving. 

  • Made out of 3D printed plastic that will not scratch your screen 
  • The plastic may be black, red, or blue (sorry, no color requests at this time)
  • The plastic is lined with conductive fiber cloth tape so that it mimics the capacitance of your finger and tricks the screen into thinking a finger is holding the camera screen in the lowered position
  • You can control the temperature and voice controls without disturbing the rear-view camera clamped in the bottom position

Original Hack Video:


Will the separate mats move out of place while I sleep?

They stay put! The fabric that the mat covers are made out of gently clings to the carpet on the back of the rear seats. Additionally, fitted bedsheets that are wrapped taut over the rear seat head rests and underneath the sub-trunk/cubby cover help keep everything pressed down in place.

Will this TESMAT fit in my Model S or X?

It will fit, however, TESMAT is currently optimized for Model 3 & Y. Join our mailing list to be notified as soon as pre-orders open up for different Tesla models. 

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship all around the world. Enter your shipping address at checkout to be quoted your delivery price. 

How big the mattress is? How tall of a person does this accommodate?

It's exactly twin sized (75'' long). A 6'3'' person can theoretically lie down on their back on it tip to tip. The top 3 mats have a wooden base underneath the memory foam. When you're lying down, the weight of your shoulders/body supports the portion of the mattress that extends past the end of the rear seat headrests (this is where the head of a tall person would be) .

Free USA Shipping & Returns

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Model 3 + Y Hack: Rear Camera Clamp

Great Product

I just got my clamp today and it works perfectly. Shrinking down the rear camera view gives me a much better view of my blind spots when I’m driving on the highway. Thanks Tesmat!

Great Hack

Works just as advertised.

Great hack!

Now especially with update 2020.24.6 with backup camera now including right and left repeater cameras.

Awesome idea.

Works as advertised.