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Simple, effective hack tool

Now I can see my map (or Waze) and camera at the same time. Nice! For only $15 this looks so much nicer than a paper clip.

Best model 3 accessories I've purchased so far

The tesmat is my favorite accessory for my model 3 that I've purchased. I'm extremely impressed with the quality and how comfortable it is. For the price and how easily it sets up and packs away, every model 3 owner should have one of these. I used it to nap in my car during my lunch break today and it was a total game changer. I wish it included a pillow though

Great product

I got the Tesmat self inflatable mattress. It was really easy to blow up and even easier to blow down and replace it in its case. I have used self inflatable matrasses in the past and this one has been by far the easiest to operate. Thank you as well for supplying the bedding. It fits really well in the rear trunk lower compartment. See pic. Thanks again for a super product.


Awesome! Thanks for the 5 star review and we hope you enjoy your TESMAT on many adventures to come!
Great product!

Works great! Thanks again!

what a great idea!

arrived today in germany, just 3 day before a 600mi road trip to spain. cannot wait to test it with my wife. in winter conditions it takes some time for the volume to fully unfold, but then it is better than sleeping in a tent! what a great idea!!! reinvests itself after 3 hotel nights saved....

Wow, glad it arrived in time for your road trip! If you are in cold climates, crank up the heat in your Tesla for about 10 minutes to speed up the expansion of the memory foam. Sounds like an amazing trip. Enjoy!
Great Product!!

I received the product today after pre-ordering it a few months ago. I just want to say thank you to the Creator and the alternative for this would be the DreamCase which is, in my opinion, unreasonably priced. The setup was easy. I didn't test the fit in the car, however, it looked like it would fit inside the Model 3 snugglly. Can't wait to use it for our road trip!!

Thanks for the 5 star review! Hope you enjoy your first road trip with your TESMAT as much as I did!
Tesmat is a steal

Even before owning my Model 3 the stories of people Tesla camping in their Model S sedans made complete sense. It’s the ultimate HVAC tent.

As luck would have it I came across the Tesmat the night the inventor announced its debut. After watching the videos and visiting the website I was sold. The Tesmat is an ingenious blending of form and function.

The killer feature is how small the mattress becomes when compressed into its 22'' x 14'' x 10'' soft case. The three pieces that form the area where your head rests have wood pieces at the bottom of the foam. They serve two purposes: extend the useable space over the well between the front and back seat and make it easy to compress the foam pieces straight down into the carrying case.

The mattress pieces are held down in the carrying case by a strap with a clever magnetic closure. The materials all feel first rate.

Is the Tesmat going to be as comfortable as my memory foam bed? Of course not. Is the Tesmat going to make for a comfortable night of sleeping? Yes, but be realistic. There has to be a tradeoff between comfort and size.

The ability to set up (and put away) the Tesmat in a matter of minutes, coupled with its small footprint, opens a new world of long-distance travel in a Tesla.

If camping in a Tesla Model 3 is your thing, the Tesmat is an absolute steal. After using the Tesmat 3 or 4 times and skipping a hotel you’ve already paid for it. A true no-brainer purchase if you’re a Telsa camper.

for BMW X3M

is it fit for BMW X3M?

Slick design, does what you expect

Mattress fits in its carrying case nicely, stows in the back storage "bin" as expected, and is easy to set up. The foam could be a bit thicker, but I'm not sure how that could be accomplished without making it too big for the under-trunk storage in the Model 3. Overall well worth the pre-order!

Good after sales service

Unfortunately I did receive a broken clamp. Tesmat did a refund immediately. Good service !

Works as advertised.

It works, I am glad it did not scratch or damage anything and I have no complaints on how it works.

Overall decent product for a great price. Don’t know if it’s tight enough around my screen because there’s a constant wobble that happens when used.

Does what it say it does

No frills, just function. Some limitations (cant put in new navigation while using it) but thats on Tesla, not tesmat.

Work great, but slightly awkward to use

If you put the car in Reverse, it cancels out the rear view, then you have to reset, so it's kind of a nuisance to use. Otherwise, I would use it more.

Absolutely essential for glamping!

With Tesla finally releasing Camp Mode, Tesmat came just in time for some glamping action in my Model 3. The magnetic latch is great quality and has a satisfying lock-click. The absolute best feature is how it stores in the sub-trunk compartment. There is even enough space left in the sub-trunk for a compact pillow or two. The unfolded size is great and can fit two adults comfortably, when the two front seats are pushed forward far enough. Definitely a great purchase, that hopefully is able to endure all of my future glamping trips.

Thanks for the amazing review! Hope you enjoy many adventures with your Model 3 and Tesmat! The perfect glamping combo :)

Model 3 Hack: Rear Camera Clamp

Wonderfully comfortable mattress

I would highly recommend this mattress to anyone looking to sleep in the back of there tesla. Very comfortable nights rest.

Good stuff

easy to install
good durability

Well Executed Design

I love camping but packing/unpacking the tent, sleeping pads and bags are an inconvenience. The Tesmat fits in the trunk perfectly and is pretty comfortable for what it is. I lied down for an hour and can't wait to take it for a real spin on an overnight camping trip. There are a lot of well thought, design details that make it better than just throwing a camping pad in the trunk. When packed in the storage case, it fits perfectly in the sub-trunk with room to spare for a pillow and sheets. Packing it up is easier than a self inflating camping mattress due to the ease of decompression and compression strap. The wooden bases on the top pieces allow for support over the rear seat headrests. The foam is thick enough to feel comfortable but not so thick that it intrudes into the rear parcel shelf clearance (be careful when you bend your knee!). With two people (myself at 5'10" and spouse at 5'2") space is tight but not uncomfortable. I mean it's the trunk of a mid sized sedan, not an RV, or even a model S so set your expectations accordingly.

Overall I'm satisfied with the purchase and can't wait to try it out on a full trip soon.

Love the TESMAT!

Fits perfectly in the Model 3 trunk well (with space for the charging adapter). Can't wait to try it out!

better than dreamcase

able to fit in the sub trunk is wayyyy more useful than any other solution on the market right now.

TESMAT for Model 3

I pre-ordered this product and was anticipating its arrival for a long time. You can get a comfortable sleep in the Model 3 without taking up any trunk space as this fits underneath the trunk. Because it doesn’t take up any trunk space, I carry this with me everyday. Whenever I need to take a rest or sleep, I can sleep in my car anytime. With a bit of effort, I could create a comfortable bed. One suggestion is if all the mats had wooden boards I think it might be even better

Works quite well, portable, working out the bumps

We have slept in our Tesla once so far on the Tesmat. (Fun just to say that!) It was pretty comfortable but had some bumps in the harder Tesmat sections that we need to keep figuring out. Definitely ingenious and we look forward to expanding our adventures thanks to Tesmat.

Don't know yet, got it for a Christmas present. A lot of expectation! I will check in after the holiday.

I cannot give you my comments as my purchase was a gift for my son.