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Great privacy screen
Awesome product!
Good service
compact, easy to setup
Thanks for the 5 star review! When the seats are folded down, you can clamp the bottom of the privacy screen into the child car seat latch covers
Perfect mattress for Tesla Model 3
Lack of explanation where to use plywood.
Hello! Sorry to hear the installation instructions weren't clear enough. Please follow this instructional video: If you still need help, please don't hesitate to reach out to support. :)
Sleepin without Peepin
Amazing Design, Well Thought Out, & Very Practical
Solid Product
Thanks for the honest and great review! Helpful tip: after opening the privacy screen - find the 2 carabiner clips and install them on the sun visors with the shiny part of the fabric facing yourself. This sorts out the left/right dilemma. Perhaps to make this easier we can use two different color carabiner clips to differentiate the right and left side. Thanks for the valuable feedback! :)
Very good
Great Mattress, Great Customer Service!
Excellent produit
Model 3 Hack: Rear Camera Clamp
Excellent Mattress for Camping in Car
Works Decent Build Quality.
Thanks for the feedback! The weighted edges is a great idea! :)
Quality. Excited to try it out.
The Product I've Been Waiting For
Excellent fit
Great fit and super comfy