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Worth it

This is awesome!! Worth every penny! It’s actually comfortable! My entire family loves it and when we go to an actual drive in, it made set up extremely easy. Our kids prefer to camp out and watch movies in the Tesla all because of the tesmat.


Fits perfect

Very fast shipment to germany, product as expected. Thank you

Great product

I love the easy storage bag and the quick setup. The frenchies and wife love it as well.


So far, so good

We have not yet slept over night on the tesmat yet but storage and ease is great and when lying on the mat in the car it seems to be comfortable! Looking forward to a camping trip in the near future!

Great product

We really enjoy using this for "campouts" :) Great storage design in the sub trunk, easy to unpack and pack, and works great in our 3! Very happy customer

Top Notch

Easy to unpack, assemble, load up, and have ready for the next Model Y car camping trip! Looking forward to using! The carrying case doubles as an ice chest that will fit in the frunk and will come in handy as well!

Comfort anywhere

Pretty awesome to pull up to a ski resort, climb in the back and be comfortable. I was laying there thinking wow this is pretty amazing with a smile on my face. 13 years in the infantry as an Army Ranger I often threw a sleeping bag on the ground, maybe blow up mattress... this product is something else! I didn’t want something that was massive and could easily be stored, and got the job done. I’m 195lbs and was very happy.


If you want privacy, this is your only option. The TESMAT really sets the mood ;-)

Awesome Product TESMAT!!

Loved this, fit my Model Y perfectly!!

Love this mattress!

Love this mattress, fits perfectly in my Model Y and it’s pretty comfortable for sleeping in your car. I bring it in the house for family to use when they spend the night. Great purchase all around.

Very Happy

This is a good piece of kit, looks cool, does the job and arrived quickly, even to the UK. Have only tried it once, (COVID lockdown) but Inhave no regrets.

Every Tesla Owner Should Have One

While I could have just bought a cheap cot mattress it wouldn't be able to compact down into the convenient size the TESMAT does. I like visiting a new area, camping out, and then folding up the TESMAT so when people ride in my car the backseats can go back up.

My four stars is only that it is a little tough to get back into the case. It's definitely a workout. My suggestion would maybe be to include to magnetic straps to strap down the mattress on two ends. Or maybe even three straps and just compressing all the cushion pads individually.

Perfect for camping

I’ve slept on the mattress for my Model Y at least a dozen times since getting it at the beginning of the year and I love it. I appreciate how easy it is to set up (5 minutes for set up/take down).

Only downside is that it’s a little thin. I have a sheet and an additional blanket under for some added cushion.

Every comfy and super soft perfect to fall asleep on

Nice design, functionality, quality ok.

This is a great product, particularly if you travel and/or camp in your Tesla. The mattress is easy to use and fits nicely when stored in the trunk. The only suggestion for improvement would be more durable fabric and (especially) zippers both on the storage bag and mattress.


I got the Tesmat last week and already tried it twice in my Tesla Model 3.
There is room enough for 3 persons. The product is well produced, fits perfectly and is easy to handle. 5 Stars.

Tesmat & Sheets... So Far So Good!

We are very pleased with our purchase! We haven't used our TESMAT in our Tesla just yet, but we did pull it out and test it a bit in our home. It's now living in the hidden compartment in our Tesla trunk where it fits perfectly, you wouldn't even know it was there!

Note to Canadian buyers

It seems like a good product . We only tried it in our garage because it's still winter. It fits both my Model Y and Model S - with a bit of space on the sides on the S.
But for Canadian buyers, with the currency conversion and customs fee charged by FedEx, be ready to pay $592.50 for the mat package set.

Recommended ( privacy screen )

After having used it 3 times, i can state that this product is a must for camping mode users. The darkness is real, and to my surprise i did discover that the roof is fully opaque too!
The snap hooks are somehow fragile ( already had to change one ) but overall good quality. Easy to hide in the trunk when folded.




The mattress fits perfectly and is easy to install. 10/10 would recommend.

Works well and easy to install

Used mine on 2k mile road trip. Works well to provide a feeling of sleeping in a tent VS car. This plus tesmat made for a good experience.