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Awesome TESMAT Mattress, sheet, & Carrying Case bundle for Model Y

I love this mattress bundle deal. it's pretty comfy and fits my Model Y. I've only tried it once so far. the velcros help a lot to hold the mattress in place . Thank you TESMAT for the fast shipping

TESMAT Mattress & Carrying Case for Model 3

Tesmat model Y mattress review

Awesome, easy and simple to use with great comfort! My dogs love it and I love it! Sheets fit well, all is easy to remove and wash!

Great product. Skip more bagels.

Very high quality product and fabric. The matts are only about 2" thick so if you are on the larger side (5'7" 240lb) plan on an egg crate or mattress topper to be comfortable. Was able to get it into the carrying case with no issues, overall very impressed.

Works well

We bought the Tesmat and have given it a trial run. To sleep in, the back of our model 3 is a bit tight, but acceptable. The Tesmat works well and we both had a good night’s sleep.

TESMAT Mattress & Carrying Case for Model Y
Michael P. (San Francisco, US)
Best camp/car sleeping solution

Teslas are great for camping with the features we all know, but I was always frustrated with getting comfortable in the back seat with the rear seat back folded down, as you have the ride and overhang of the seats. The TesMat is super easy to both fold and unfold, stores easily, and changes sleep comfort completely! Have used in both Model S and Model Y.

Great Product!

Went camping in the Tesla for the first time with the TESMAT and loved it! It was easy to setup and take down and was pretty comfortable (although not as great for side-sleepers). I also like that the carrying case was insulated and I actually filled it with ice and used it as a cooler. Fantastic overall and highly recommended.

Very nice and good quality product.

Excellent product

Very happy with the product little pricy but satisfied overall

TESMAT Mattress & Carrying Case for Model 3

TESMAT Mattress & Carrying Case for Model Y
Kevin B.S. (Florissant, US)

I love the video showing how to setup product it made everything smooth for setup

It made us feel like giggling kids again!

Product arrived on time. I unpacked it and followed simple instructions. I then set about testing the installation. The wife and I laid down and were amazed it was as comfortable as it was! Not a hotel bed but surprisingly good. Set the car on Camping Mode and bingo! We’ll use it for say a Dallas-Carolinas run and stay overnight in an RV park halfway. With our dog underneath our heads in his bed, we are all set!

Privacy Screen for Model 3
Semih -.i.e. (Stuttgart, DE)
Feels very good

I have used the tesmat 2 times so far, and it's really comfortable. Not only does it look good it feels premium too. We have this free charging station in our city I would plug my car in roll out the tesmat and watch the stars through the panorama window. I can definitely recommend it.

But there's this weird feeling I'm not sure what it is, it feels very different. I m having problems sleeping on the tesmat in a car.
I don't know know if it's the fact that I'm sleeping in a car or if its the tesmat, it just doesn't feel like your own bed.

Privacy Screen for Model 3
V L. (Dublin, US)
Privacy cover

Very easy to set up and works very well to provide privacy in the vehicle.

Privacy Screen for Model 3
Landon T. (Madison, US)
Works Great

I used this on my camp out recently and it worked exactly as advertised.

Great product idea

Tried laying it out in my Model 3 tonight and was very impressed with the functionality and attention to detail. It fits perfectly and the Velcro side strips will hold the three pads together side-by-side. I sleep in my side so I’d probably lay a Thermarest camping air mattress on top of the Tesmat to give me the cushioning I need for a comfortable night’s sleep. It’s definitely wide enough for one person. It would be a bit tight for two, but that’s a limitation of the Model 3 cargo area width, not the Tesmat. The Tesmat is a good product to take on long trips in case lodging is not available or too expensive. It’s a well-designed product that stores easily in the sub trunk, leaving the main cargo area free. The privacy curtain is a necessary added feature, and a very nice touch as are the custom fitted sheets. Good job!

Fitted Bed Sheets for TESMAT
Itziar C.A. (Zarautz, ES)

Fitted Bed Sheets for TESMAT

Privacy Screen for Model 3
Stephen B. (Fayetteville, US)
Great Product

Not like sleeping on your bed at home but great for 1 or 2 nights on the road! Comfortable enough to not mind pulling over and sleeping whenever the thought pops through my mind

Privacy Screen for Model 3
Sven-Eric L. (Stuttgart, DE)

Gefällt uns sehr gut 👍

Privacy Screen for Model 3
Ralph K. (Bremen, DE)
Minimalistic with great effect

The design is minimalistic and this fulfills its function with without a hassle. Use any type of cards to mount. Easy to install.

Great product

Perfect mattress for Model 3, not the thickest one but awesome compromise between portability and comfort!


The product is good as advertised. The only minor complaint would be the Velcro holding the mats together separated too easily when you toss and turn during the night. But overall I’m very satisfied with the whole package and the privacy screen is a great addition with the package. I rated 4.5 stars.

Privacy Screen for Model 3
Jason W. (Ostrander, US)
Way better than a tent.

Honestly, I put two sleeping pads under the Tesmat and slept like a baby. I also removed the back seat bottom for a flat experience in my M3.

With the privacy screen, it made it so cool to sleep in my car. Climate control and ambient noises made it so much better than a tent.

One of the clips that hooks onto the visors was broken, but I was able to make it work.

Sure would love a replacement clip Tesmat…hint hint.

Privacy Screen for Model 3
Sven H. (Studen, CH)

We did an camping trip - it was very good sleep comfort. It dont make sense to search for an thicker matress, because the trunk is not too high.