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Better than promised

We got this for our 17 hour each way road trip.
Not only was it fun it was incredibly comfortable. Got to the point we were done driving on day one watched some Netflix, topped off the charge for the next morning and had a great nights sleep

Works Great!

Light weight and blocks more light than you think.

Very happy

Have not slept on it yet. It arrived well packed and in good time despite having traveled all the way to New Zealand. Build quality looks good and it is easy to setup. Very concise instructions. Thank you.

Fairly easy to setup and works!

I went camping and after watching the fairly instructive video, found setup easy enough. Added the suction cups were required, and the clips. Didn't really know which way around to put the screen but not sure that matters (maybe missed from video?) Also found placement of suction cups wasn't that great but I guess keep messing until it works for you. Would have been nice if there was a pry tool to put screen in the trim as I kind of missed having one while actually out camping...

Great Privacy Screen

The privacy screen works great if you plan on camping or sleeping in your car! Tesmat really takes care of their customers and has great customer service. You won't regret it!

Privacy Screen

My 8 yr old grandson and I camped in the Model Y in my driveway the first night after receiving the screen. We looked up at the stars through the roof and felt we were in a northern forest. The screen was easy to install and allowed us to pretend we were anywhere we wanted to go!

Privacy Screen worked perfectly

Had a very pleasant night’s sleep with it. Even woke up late in the morning with no light disturbance

Privacy Screen for Model Y

Fitted Bed Sheets for TESMAT

Great Birthday Gift

Purchased this for my brother as a birthday gift and he loves it!!! Very comfortable


It was fun to use and easy to set up. Needs a bit more cushion. We’re looking to supplement on our next trip.

Must have accessory for camping in the Tesla

Turns your Tesla into a tent: an air conditioned tent with an entertainment center. It’s great for long drives when you want to take a nap in the back and just want some privacy. It’s easy to put up, but make sure you watch the video and follow along the first time you do it

Sever back order

I have not been able to use the screens as of yet. Bought the mattress with screens together for a upcoming trip. The screens showed up months after the trip I needed them for.

Hello Everyone

Cool for sleeping, tight for love !
Bruno from France.

I have not tried it yet…..

The package arrived and I unpacked it and all looks good, comfortable and solid. However I have not tried it in anger yet….waiting for better weather.

Great addition to my model y

This mat come in very handy for the long trips where you want to stretch out your legs. Or it makes going camping in your car very simple.

Very comfortable!

It’s very comfortable and easy to put away!

Worth it.

I'm so glad I went with this and not an air mattress. It breathes and has a luxuriously soft cover. It's great that it packs down into such a small container, and with memory foam, I don't have to worry about keeping it packed for long periods. Plus, with the case doubling as a cooler, it makes good use of the space in my frunk and subtrunk. The foam is a density is just right given how thin it is.

I recognize that it's not possible to meet every possible ideal in a single product, but it does fall short in some areas:
- Packing and unpacking is easy but time-consuming.
- The mattress would gain a lot of comfort if it was thicker. But then it wouldn't fit so perfectly in the frunk.

Too expensive for European customers

The matress is way too expensive to justify if you’re ordering from Europe. In addition to having to pay 80$ shipping fee, you’ll then need to pay all the import tax which it comes out to be around 130$. In total you’re paying 200$ Which is substantially more than half the price of the mattress itself… It would be beneficial to European customers as well as Tesmat to have operations in Europe and let European customers enjoy their product.

Sleep comfort

Perfect delivery, good instructions and luxe sleep in your Tesla. Better than all inflated solutions I tested before!