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Privacy Screen for Model 3
Roderick M. (San Diego, US)
Perfect fit

This privacy screen is Amazing I drive Uber and Lyft so went to Coachella and use the privacy screen because I stayed in the car for the weekend. There’s no Price you can put on peace or privacy this worked out Excellent for me I recommend to anybody that needs their own privacy / space at any time or on the road 👍🏼

Fitted Bed Sheet for TESMAT
Ryan V. (Irvine, US)


Awesome purchase!

Privacy Screen for Model 3
Mitchell L. (Sydney, AU)
Exactly what I wanted

Packs up into a small bag, does what it's meant to. I like it.

Tesmat Mattress for Model 3 has arrived without dammage.

I had to pay 114€ shipping taxes last week. Was this okay? Will this amount be reduced from the costs I have to pay next time? Greetings from Bavaria! Hans Lindner

TESMAT Mattress & Carrying Case for Model Y
Ronald P. (Morrisville, US)
A quality product

I bought the tesmat + fitted sheet + privacy screen for a model-Y but tried them in a model 3. The tesmat + fitted sheet work well in the model 3 but the privacy screen does not fit. However, a few extra suction cups with clips added to the privacy screen can make it work on the model 3.

The tesmat is engineered and constructed very well using high quality materials. It should last a long time. Although I do not find memory foam comfortable to sleep on, I bought the tesmat anyway because I intended to put a therm-a-rest sleeping pad on top of the mattress. I've slept on that combination four times so far and find it comfortable. Do I sleep better in the Tesla than at home in my bed? No. But I didn't expect that I would. Tesmat is a quality product.

Privacy Screen for Model 3
Matthew P. (Aledo, US)
Works great

I tested this out recently on a camping trip and it really helped. The privacy is good and it makes it much darker in the car. Pretty quick and easy to set up and take down. Highly recommend.

Privacy Screen for Model 3
Matthew D. (Albuquerque, US)
Tesmat’s Best Product

This privacy screen mostly works very well. Very happy with the originality and design. The suction cups are high quality. Unfortunately the carabiners are flimsy and lose there structure quickly. I’d like to see this addressed.

Privacy Screen for Model 3
Rob C. (Birmingham, GB)
Does the job well

Really pleased with the Tesmat privacy screen. It's quite easy to fit and stays in place securely. It provides good privacy in the car by blocking all windows (except the tinted roof).

Privacy Screen for Model 3
Michael S. (Birmingham, US)
The Best Part of Camping

My son and I went on a three day camping in North Carolina in our Tesla Model 3. We had a blast and we loved sleeping in the car on the Tesmat mattress. Set up and clean up was so easy and simple. I don’t think I’ve ever slept so well while camping. Thank you Tesmat!

TESMAT Mattress & Carrying Case for Model 3
Dan S. (Port Coquitlam, CA)
Awesome product!

Impressed with the quality and level of comfort

Privacy Screen for Model 3
Justin B. (Riverside, US)
Awesome Product

Used the TESMAT and privacy screen on a recent road trip and they worked like a charm. Game changer.


Very well designed product. We used it during our cross country road trip. The mattress is comfy and I actually had a really good sleep. The process to store the mattress is easy. The step by step guide is really helpful.

TESMAT Mattress & Carrying Case for Model 3
NATHALIE M.N.M. (Saint-Jean-d'Asse, FR)
It's so good

Sleep in my car with tesmat is very good
Good idea

Privacy Screen for Model Y
A.J. (Riverview, US)
Could be better

Does a good job at blocking the windows. The front screen need suction cups to hold the bottom in place. The suction cups should be bigger. On my last use the back cups would not hold

Fast delivery

The tesmat arrived only 48 hours later after my purchase. Safe packaging, great quality. Havent slept on it yet but im looking forward to try it out! Maybe there is once a possibility to change the shipping method. To Switzerland is only super hyper ultra fast possible and the fee is accordingly high.

Thanks anyway! Will purchase again!

Privacy Screen for Model Y
Ryan V. (Van Nuys, US)

Super excited to try this, I keep asking my wife if I can sleep outside in the car. Quality control is great. It’s a little larger than expected in the bag but it fits in the truck space great. Only criticism I’d give is to make the hard board inserts rounded on all corners to eliminate the chance of a sharp edge poking through the material. Either than that it’s great!

produit parfaitement adapté

j’ai commandé et reçu le pack complet pour ma Tesla model 3 et je suis très satisfait
les 3 matelas sont de bonne qualité et s’adaptent parfaitement au véhicule : promesse tenue
la housse et les occultants sont très appréciables

le confort est assez surprenant

le sac de rangement est très pratique et conforme à la description : il peut vraiment faire office de glacière

bref je suis très satisfait de cet achat - investissement

Nice compact unit with sleek carrying case

I really liked the tesmat because it’s compact. Sadly I had to get a tesmat that is not perfect for my car (model s). I’m not sure if the issues I had with it are for this reason or if model 3 owners would experience the same issues. The first issue is that the seats in the model s don’t actually sit flush to the trunk… so there is a huge lump across the middle of the mattress that is really uncomfortable… I stuffed a blanket under the first night… but after that I just slept in the bottom half in a little ball… worked for me because I’m only 5 ft tall lol. The second issue is that the tesmat doesn’t actually fit in the sub trunk.. it pops up above the subtrunk so it won’t actually close unless you have something heavy in your trunk weighing it down. Aside from that it was perfect, super easy to set up and pack. Very nice quality mattress, sheets, and case. Overall can’t complain too much because the alternative is paying $1k for the dream case. Not ideal but a good alternative


The pads are easy to lay out in the back of the Tesla. The padding doesn't provide much support. The Velcro strips on the sides of the pads, that I had seen in the YouTube reviews, were missing from the one I received. I believe the pad would have been more stable and acted as one pad.

Privacy Screen for Model 3
munho y. (Seosan City, KR)



I really look forward to my first trip with my Tesla and the possibilty to sleep overnight in my car. It looks amazing.


It was great experience both with the delivery (the order arrived in 3-4 days) and actually sleeping on the mattress is very comfortable. Thanks!

Great product

Well thought through product.

Love them

Workts perfekt.