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Preliminary Tesmat Review

Because evaluation often takes time, my initial and preliminary evaluation is 5 stars. I like the bed, fitted, and privacy screen very much; thoughtful design for comfort, sleep, transport, easy to set up and put away.

Privacy Screen for Model Y
Brian G. (Queens, US)
Great quality and fit

Product arrived with great quality and comfort. It’s super easy to store too! Recommended

Fantastic fit and finish

fits in well under rear trunk mat perfectly, well made, fit and finish is great. Highly recommend.

Mat&Case are above ave. Privacy screen is poor

The mat and case are a good option if you don't want to deal with air. The main negative is the price.

Don't order the privacy screen. Doesn't fit well and suction cups are low quality. Feels like a $5 item with a $55 price tag.

Very nice to have a custom fit mattress.

This is a great invention. Easily stores in the back trunk in the space under the floor. Completely out of the way. Fast setup when needed. Window privacy shade, fitted sheet, and mattress. It’s all there.

TESMAT Mattress & Carrying Case for Model Y
Margaret S. (Grand Rapids, US)
Love it - not perfect, but satisfactory in the important ways

I regularly travel with one to four 90-105# Scottish Deerhounds. This was exactly what I was looking for.

What I love: it fits perfectly in my MYLR and extends the length over the 2nd row headrests. It makes the entire area perfect for my dogs. I put wool blankets over it and then dog beds on top of that. I also love that I can take the sections out and compress them into the carrying case. I also love that the carrying case fits in the Frunk and doubles as a cooler.

What I don’t love: I think it might be a little thin for padding when I sleep in my Tesla. But I can always deal with that, and it satisfies in all the other ways, so I am happy that I bought it.

Convenient mattress.

Overall I am happy with my purchase. The mattress was pretty comfortable to lie on in my 2018 Model 3 and while it’s not perfect (could perhaps be a little bit thicker), it was more comfortable than sleeping on a typical air mattress or on someone’s sofa. It also does not PERFECTLY fit in the sub-trunk (is pretty tight and will push up the cover unless you have something heavy resting on top to compress the mattress further ). Setting up takes a bit of time so I recommend doing so as soon as you can when you arrive at your destination and have daylight to easily see. My only critique would be the privacy shade that came with my purchase that was very confusing to figure out how to best set up. I think this is one item that could be improved with some future revision if they choose. I encourage practicing putting it all together at least once to familiarize yourself with the process before your trip. Otherwise, I think this was a pretty good purchase and could recommend it to the right person that foresees themselves sleeping out of their vehicle. I imagine this would be an even better experience in the more spacious Model Y.

Privacy Screen for Model 3
M.S. (Frankfurt am Main, DE)
Good privacy protection and easy handling

The privacy screen is well cut in terms of dimensions and can be packed very easily small. The darkening is very well done. The suction cups do not hold well on my copy. They fell down twice during the night so I had to improvise. Maybe they should be a little bigger and the material a little softer.
Nevertheless, a recommendable product.

Received TesMat

Pretty good

Privacy Screen for Model Y
Eric A. (Rialto, US)
Excellent with a Cavoite

These both store nicely and fit well into the space in the back. They are comfy and easy to set up. the privacy screen suction cups are a little lack luster but fixable, my biggest problem is that the point where the seats pivot is naturally lumpy and hard on the hips, I would like to have a little more Padding in center of the trifold pieces and perhaps less where your feet go. Throwing a yoga mat beneath works but adds another part that needs to be packed and carried. Otherwise these are great mats and are genuinely excellent.

Sleeps well

This cleverly designed memory foam mattress sleeps well in the car or in a tent, so long as you are not sleeping on your side.

The lid of the subtrunk would not lay all the way flat when I put the Tesmat in it, so I just had to sit something on top.

This is heavy enough that you probably would only want to keep it in your subtrunk if you were actually planning to use it in the near future, or on a regular basis.

Fitted Bed Sheet for TESMAT
Mike M. (Denver, US)
Works great to keep mats together

The fitted sheet is a great breathable material and it works great at keeping my mats from sliding apart as they kind of try to do sometimes without it. Definitely get one if you’re buying the mat!

TESMAT Mattress & Carrying Case for Model 3
Brandon S. (Bell Gardens, US)
Something every Tesla owner should have!

Slept comfortably inside my model 3 at 72degrees on this mattress while camping, zero complaints

Pretty good so far

4-Piece TESMAT Comforter Set
Trevor M. (Marmande, FR)
Fantastic Product

Can't fault the product. Comfortable, easy to install and ingenious to store in your Model 3. One significant consideration. If you order from outside the US, check delivery and import tax. In my case, this nearly doubled the price. Still worth it though.....

4-Piece TESMAT Comforter Set
L.A. (New York, US)
Soft and smooth texture, easy wash

We had to cancel our camping trip, but we did prep for it. The material is lightweight, soft, and easy to wash.

Love it so far!

Better then expected

I just had my first sleep in the middle 3 on Tesmat. It was better than expected. I would not go to 5 stars mainly for few reasons - the quality of the bed could be better. The cover is my first choice. I am concern how it will handle wear and tear of the prolonged use. The firm inserts are too thin - could be better. But the design is great. The bag is also good however the straps were not attached to the loops nor there were no instructions on how to do it. I was able to figure out on my own. One negative is not on the matters but the privacy cover - too short. Needs more material in the front and back - I used it but it was my least favorite thing.

no reveiw

Trip got cancelled and have not used it.

4-Piece TESMAT Comforter Set
BRIAN K.L. (Forsyth, US)

4-Piece TESMAT Comforter Set

4-Piece TESMAT Comforter Set
Thorvaldur G.S. (Reykjavik, IS)

4-Piece TESMAT Comforter Set

TESMAT Mattress & Carrying Case for Model Y
Zaidong Y. (Los Angeles, US)

TESMAT Mattress & Carrying Case for Model Y

Tesmat worth the money.

Very easy to setup and dismantle the mattresses. I slept alone and the first night I felt my hips weren’t sufficiently cushioned. After 4 nights it was better. I think I would have preferred more padding. Overall, I slept well.

Privacy Screen for Model Y
Cameron R. (Lehi, US)
Pretty nice, just wish it covered more of the dash.

This privacy screen works pretty well. Even in full daylight it blocks a fair bit of the light and keeps it pretty dim until the sun comes in through the roof.
I do wish that it fit a little better though, I found that it doesn't cover as much of the dash as I thought and even when it isn't tucked into the dash my screen doesn't seem to be able to cover the entire rear quarter panels.
Overall a good product, just a hair shy on the fitment for me.

Privacy Screen for Model 3
Severin S. (Trondheim, NO)
Works like a charm, but could use a manual

It works well and I love the cozy feeling you get inside once the bed is made and the screen is set up. But I don’t like the solution in the back. It’s a bit finicky and hard to get just right. This might be me doing it wrong though! But then instructions would help a great deal!