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Privacy Screen for Model 3
Kouji N. (Saitama, JP)


Privacy Screen for Model 3
Sunny A. (Sunnyvale, US)
Perfect Privacy Screen for Model 3

Portable and keeps the car dark so you can fall asleep easily. We used it at an RV site and had the car plugged in with Camp Mode on. Would recommend for anyone considering going camping / sleeping in their car.

Privacy Screen for Model Y
Hong B. (Fairfield, US)

I bought this for my son Tesla model Y and he said that the privacy screen block out most of the light he gives a two thumbs up.

Very impressed with what I see. I took it out and put in the car (Tesla Y). Laid out on it and it was very comfortable. Very excited to try it out on a real overnight camp out. It was very easy to put back in the case.

Privacy Screen for Model Y
Anthony D. (Chatham, CA)


Privacy Screen for Model 3
Bernadette D. (Welland, CA)
Great item.

Privacy screen worked perfect. I like that it's small and compact. We camp in our model 3 and this is perfect when Parkes next to RV

Awesome buy!

Super excited to have a comfortable solution to Tesla camping or just napping in my car at the ready any time I want to sleep. Also, just an FYI, you can get a 12v adapter for most cpap machines that plug into the cars rear auxiliary power socket. Game changer!

TESMAT Mattress & Carrying Case for Model Y
Ewen R.W. (North Vancouver, CA)

TESMAT Mattress & Carrying Case for Model Y

Happy with our TESMAT

We are very pleased with our TESMAT. It’s a great quality product -eg the velcro was a really helpful touch. Our 2 kids slept comfortably in the car both nights camping.

Product is great. Problem will be finding camping places to charge.

I'm really pleased with the Tesmat. It's very comfortable, easy to remove and put back away, and the boards at the head of the mat are essential. The great news is that camping in our Model Y will never be an issue any more. The problem will be finding places to camp with "Camp Mode" on. We recently got turned away from a few RV parks that wouldn't let us use camp mode because it would use too much of their amperage.

If you're camping in your car, it's great. Just make sure to do your research if you're expecting to plug in.

TESMAT Mattress & Carrying Case for Model 3

Tesmat Review

Very compact and easy to use. Highly recommended

Cool concept & brilliant storage solution

This is a pretty comfortable sleeping mattress.
The only thing I would wish was different was the velcro, but it is quick and easy to assemble and put away.

Fitted Bed Sheets for TESMAT
Greg M. (London, GB)
Perfect fit

I needed fitted bed sheets, I got fitted bed sheets!

I live in my Tesla. It is perfect.

This is my bed, a Tesmat Model 3 bed mattress w/included sheets. I should clarify, it is not absolutely perfect as I do bottom out a little in certain positions, but I can't complain when I'm getting the best sleep I've ever had. The Tesla climate control has a lot to do with that also.

I've never tried to fit the mattress in the sub-trunk as it would take more time and use up my clean laundry space, but I have no doubt it fits. However, just folded in 4 and pushed behind the rear seats, it takes me 2 minutes to pull out and make the bed, with a 30 second disassembly. Once you learn a few tricks, this thing can be packed away FAST.

Be aware, due to the model 3s wheel wells against hips, sleeping two is tight. That is only due to the car, not the Tesmat.

Im certain this is one of the most practical and comfortable car mattresses ever made. Thanks Tesmat!

Fitted Bed Sheets for TESMAT
Paul G. (Lake Elmo, US)
Comfortable but not fitted

The sheets are comfortable, but to me a "fitted" sheet stays snug to the mattress and is actually the same size as the mattress. The bottom sheet should fold around the corners snugly and create a bottom sheet without wrinkles. These sheets are extremely large causing wrinkles all over. Can be difficult to keep the slack underneath. Once you get it setup it's quite comfortable though.

Privacy Screen for Model 3
Ron K. (Ulm, DE)
Nice but too expensive

After receiving the privacy screen in Germany, I received an extra invoice from FedEx. The total amount is now $108. That’s disappointing. Will not advice to buy when living in the EU due to shipping and import taxes and FedEx costs.

Hi Ron, our shipping policy does indicate that import duties are the responsibility of the importer and you were billed an additional €18,92 by FedEx. I appologize that this was not clear enough on our website and we'll work on making this more clear for future customers.

TESMAT Mattress & Carrying Case for Model Y
Seung h.B. (Geumcheon-gu, KR)

배송은 2달정도 걸렸어ㅛ!
그래도 메일을 보내면 상세하게 답변해주셔서 기다릴수있었답니다.
세개로 나누어져있어서 의자를 한쪽만 내리고 깔수있어요.
중간중간 비는시간에 간편하게 깔고 누워있기도합니다.
폭신함도 만족스럽습니다.

Privacy Screen for Model 3
Mark (Roxboro, CA)
Good night

Awesome product, works well if you want to sleep one night in your car. Giving you the right privacy you need for a good sleep.

Privacy Screen for Model 3
Timothy Z. (Corfu, US)
Great product, easy to set up

We've only used the privacy screen once so far, but it was very easy to set up with the included video and it worked very well for us. I just wish it also covered the moon roof.

Privacy Screen for Model 3
john p. (San Diego, US)
easy breezy, lemon squeeze set up and great privacy.

my twin girls like to say easy breezy lemon squeeze and it fits for how easy the privacy screen is to set up. Thanks for making this product.

Pretty great! Could be a little better.

Just used mine for the first time last night. Overall it was a great experience, and it's well thought out, easy to use, and comfy.

Some minor annoyances that I think could be improved, in order of importance:
1. It could be longer. I've slept on a Luna mattress, and their method is to move the front seats way up and fill the space behind them, which gives you quite a bit more length. My feet were hitting the end of the tailgate, but I had empty space above my head that I couldn't use without the board teetering into the gap.
2. There's a pretty chemically outgassing smell - I hope that goes away with more use. I'll leave it uncompressed at home for a while.
3. I was planning to just use my sleeping bag and not the sheets, but the velcro can stick up in a way that could catch on the sleeping bag. So I used the bottom sheet and then the sleeping bag. Not a big deal, but maybe could be better. The bottom sheet also holds the mattress segments together better though.

Anyway, overall this was my best sleeping-in-car experience, so I'm a fan.

Does What It Promises to Do

Works as promised. Very comfortable. Would buy it again. My cat (pictured) also gives her seal of approval!

Love at first sleep

Easily compresses into sub-trunk. Easy to set up. Comfortable for back or stomach sleep. Not very comfortable for side sleep. Overall, it's pretty awesome to enable camp mode in the Tesla, watch some movies or TV before bed and then sleep with the privacy screen up. Also, love being able to have an inverter plugged into my Tesla so I can use my CPAP at night without worrying about draining the battery too much.

First of many trips !

We did our family camping trip recently and used the TESMAT for the first time. It was a great experience. The TESMAT performed as advertised and the un-packing and set up is extremely easy. Love the fact that it comes in it's own bag with the straps and of course fits nicely in the storage area.