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Privacy Screen for Model 3
Franz E. (Geisenheim, DE)
Perfect accessory for camping in your Tesla

Long time I was covering my windows from inside, with towels and other things, but this Product is perfect if you want to protect your privacy during camping or taking a nap in your Tesla. If the Tesmat would be cheaper I would make a nice Insta/Youtube vid ! ;-) But the Privacy screen has a very fair price, love it !

Fitted Bed Sheets for TESMAT
Fabio C. (Brisbane, AU)
Good overall 👍

Nothing wrong with the 2 nights I slept in it 👍
I wish I could have the choice of a brighter colour.
In my opinion, I would say that the pillowcases should be smaller, or come with some pillows solution that could save space instead of 2 normal pillows that takes as much room as the whole bed…

TESMAT Mattress & Carrying Case for Model 3
Benjamin N. (Hørsholm, DK)
Happy Camper

Fast delivery, easy to setup and perfect for a romantic night under the stars :)

Privacy Screen for Model 3
S.-.i.e. (Rudersberg, DE)
After camping multiple times..

This is the 4th time now using the tesmat, the tesmat itself is comfortable and easy to set up BUT the window cover from tesmat is absolute garbage, 1 minute set up is advertised, wich is just straight up lying. You don't know where the back or front is, only get the tesmat not the window cover

Hi there. I’m happy to hear you’re enjoying your TESMAT mattress but really sorry to hear you didn’t have a good experience with your privacy screen. I urge you to please watch the set up video and practice setting it up. The front of the privacy screen has carabiner clips and the rear has suction cups so that is a very easy way to distinguish which side is which. After you get the hang of the set up process I think you’ll find it can easily be set up in under a minute. Please email us if you have further questions and we’ll be happy to help you out.

Privacy Screen for Model 3
Fabio C. (Brisbane, AU)
Almost a mandatory accessory

Very useful to create some privacy and shade the cabin (fairly quick).
Very good solution here in warm climates, not sure in case of icy conditions, just because the lack of insulation material.
Pretty happy overall 👍 But I found quite challenging to tack it in the front of the cabin while also leaving enough “vital” gap for the dashboard’s vents operate efficiently.



Privacy Screen for Model 3
Emil M.S. (Vienna, AT)
Fast International delivery

Very pleased.

Bien mais attention aux frais de douane / good product but take care of the tax

Le matelas est conforme aux attentes mais attention si comme moi vous habitez en Europe en plus des frais de transport, il faut rajouter des frais de douane (107 euros ) ce qui alourdit la facture si vous le commandez directement depuis le site internet. Le produit a été reçu rapidement et en bon état.
Facile à installer comme sur les vidéos YouTube.

The product is as expected but take care if you are living in Europe in addition of the transportation fees you must add the import tax (107 euros). The product has been received quickly and no dommage.
Easy to use like the YouTube tutorials.

Good choice overall 👍

Everything more&less as expected after seeing various videos and reviews; very appreciate the fact that is offered the full range of accessories needed (bedsheets and windows cover) 👍 no need to do extra research around for them.. BUT, I found myself quite perplexed when I saw the full size pillowcases.. 🤔 such as compact bed-kit.. and I still have to bring for home my 2 pillows that almost exceeded the volume of the entire bed-kit…
Now I will try to cut them in half an fit inside, probably, a couch cushion or something smaller…

Privacy Screen for Model Y

Privacy Screen for Model 3
Tyler C. (Irvine, US)
Very useful

Covers all the windows, although I believe the top of the car is still see-through.

The clips that come with the product are very flimsy.

TESMAT Mattress & Carrying Case for Model Y

Privacy Screen for Model 3
Reddy J. (Heilbronn, DE)

Very good product. Doesnt take so much space in Tesla

A MUST have for any Tesla owner!

I purchased the Tesmat for a 3 night camping trip to the SoCal desert. Long story short I loved sleeping in the Y for the first time - the mattress is so convenient, comfy and just all around useful! Easy to set up and fold back to the trunk in between nights. We were traveling for hikes every day and switching the car back to the trip setup with child seats took just 5 minutes every time. My friends were a little cold in their tents while I was enjoying the warmth of the Tesla Camp Mode. You just have to try glamping with the Tesmat in the Tesla, especially Model Y! Highly recommended!

TESMAT Mattress & Carrying Case for Model 3
Randee F. (Myrtle Beach, US)
Happy Trails to Him

The shipment arrived packed perfectly, and really quickly! I checked the mattress, sheet, and privacy screening.👍The mattress is a Christmas present for my son. He and his girlfriend enjoy hiking. They weren't interested in getting a hotel room. The bedding will afford them the chance to go where they'd like, when they'd like. Great purchase. Excellent service. It'll be a very merry Christmas. Thank you.

Privacy Screen for Model 3
Dirk P. (Frankfurt am Main, DE)
From Germany

Very fast shipment to Germany. Good Quality. I recommend this Product to everyone who wants to Camp in a Tesla.

Privacy Screen for Model Y
Jason B. (San Diego, US)
Clever design and easy to set up

Overall, it’s easy to set up and does a great job.
I bought this privacy screen before a 3-day road trip, where I had to put the screen up every night and take it down every morning.
Only 4 stars:
1/ The 4 suction cups on the hatch window all fell during each night.
2/ The part of the screen that covers the windshield stayed pretty loose and blocked the air flow from the climate control vents on the dashboard.
I experience these little problems despite trying to snug the fabric, as I saw in the accompanying video.
Other than that, I’m a pretty happy customer and I’d recommend this privacy screen to any owner of a Model Y who’s thinking about camping in the car!

Awesome TESMAT Mattress, sheet, & Carrying Case bundle for Model Y

I love this mattress bundle deal. it's pretty comfy and fits my Model Y. I've only tried it once so far. the velcros help a lot to hold the mattress in place . Thank you TESMAT for the fast shipping

TESMAT Mattress & Carrying Case for Model 3

Tesmat model Y mattress review

Awesome, easy and simple to use with great comfort! My dogs love it and I love it! Sheets fit well, all is easy to remove and wash!

Great product. Skip more bagels.

Very high quality product and fabric. The matts are only about 2" thick so if you are on the larger side (5'7" 240lb) plan on an egg crate or mattress topper to be comfortable. Was able to get it into the carrying case with no issues, overall very impressed.

Works well

We bought the Tesmat and have given it a trial run. To sleep in, the back of our model 3 is a bit tight, but acceptable. The Tesmat works well and we both had a good night’s sleep.

TESMAT Mattress & Carrying Case for Model Y
Michael P. (San Francisco, US)
Best camp/car sleeping solution

Teslas are great for camping with the features we all know, but I was always frustrated with getting comfortable in the back seat with the rear seat back folded down, as you have the ride and overhang of the seats. The TesMat is super easy to both fold and unfold, stores easily, and changes sleep comfort completely! Have used in both Model S and Model Y.

Great Product!

Went camping in the Tesla for the first time with the TESMAT and loved it! It was easy to setup and take down and was pretty comfortable (although not as great for side-sleepers). I also like that the carrying case was insulated and I actually filled it with ice and used it as a cooler. Fantastic overall and highly recommended.

Very nice and good quality product.