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Tesmat is a steal
Best model 3 accessories I've purchased so far
what a great idea!
Wow, glad it arrived in time for your road trip! If you are in cold climates, crank up the heat in your Tesla for about 10 minutes to speed up the expansion of the memory foam. Sounds like an amazing trip. Enjoy!
Great Support
Great Product!!
Thanks for the 5 star review! Hope you enjoy your first road trip with your TESMAT as much as I did!
Good thing.
Awesome product!
Works Great!
Adaptive and Responsive Company
Tesmat review
Well Executed Design
better than dreamcase
TESMAT for Model 3
A perfect fit!
Fantastic Design
Thanks for the honest review and suggestions! Since the 3 hard back support mats will always be at the top of the mattress, if you pack away the TESMAT in a methodical order, you won't have to feel the mats to know which one has to go on the bottom and top of the stack. I like to take 2 mats from the top of the mattress and put them in the carrying case. Then place the 3 mats in the trunk on top of the stack, followed by the last remaining hard back support mat. Maybe we'll put a different color zipper or something on the hard back support ones in the future if customers find this more convenient. :)
Amazing products
Amazing Product! $20 Off
Privacy screen
Surprisingly comfortable
F'ing fantastic!!
Now I have a place to sleep outside of the hospital
Worth the Money!
They arrived nicely packaged.