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Good overall quality. I like the way everything is put together.

I think the kit overall is a five star kit. It has everything that you would want it to have, it’s comfortable. I put an additional matt underneath for added support. The packaging for everything away really works well. I have to say I’ll give this product five stars. The one thing I was disappointed in my buying experience about was it took quite a bit of time in the shipping.

Privacy Screen for Model 3
Thore M. (Frankfurt am Main, DE)

Privacy Screen for Model 3

Privacy Screen for Model Y
Savilla S. (Bloomfield Hills, US)

I wont know until summer, sorrry


Very good quality. Well worth the money.
Fits perfectly in the Model 3. And it's flexible enough to fold backwards if you want to bring the back seats back up. ( Or to fold up if you want to access the sub trunk. ) Great stuff. Very happy with it.

Comfortable for two!

My partner and I did a one night road trip. The Tesmat mattress was super comfortable. A little difficult to roll up but easier to do with two people. Fitted sheet did come off overnight. The privacy screen was great and easy to set up. It would be great to have something to cover screen. Looking forward to more nights spent in the Tesla over summer!

Tesmat and Privacy Screen

All well made and smart appearance, which fits the car perfectly, and packs up easily into its own carry bag.
An excellent addition to the car!
Many thanks

I slept fine

I was out for a week. First time I used camp mode, first time I even considered sleeping in my car on a road trip. And I slept fine. Not sure how to pack it back up, but I’ll figure it out.

Very great prodcut!

We took the Tesmat with us (me, wife, 35 pound dog) on our road trip, camping twice (not back-to-back nights) in our Model 3. Overall, I give the Tesmat an A. It performs very well, and as advertised. The major problem, the tightness of the space, is an issue that is going to apply to any type of mattress for the Model 3. In balance, I give 5 stars, because Tesmat does what it says it does very well.

Generally, the Tesmat's foam is soft, but firm enough to feel supportive. The fit into the rear of the vehicle is perfect. The microfiber sheet is comfortable, and the soft surface of the Tesmat feels much better than the rubbery (or feltlike rubber texture) of most air mattresses. In fact, we used the Tesmat to sleep at one of our destinations on the floor of the room instead of the air mattress the host offered us. This just confirmed for me that the major problem with the Tesmat is really an issue with the Model 3—the small size available—and not the mattress.

So, the big issue is ironically the small size of the rear compartment of a Model 3. While the Tesmat manages to be a regular twin size mattress, folks that are not used to sharing a twin bed with another adult are going to be much more cramped than they are used to being. And, unlike most beds, the edge of the bed is not empty space but the unyielding frame of the car. Moving in and out of the mattress can feel awkward, as you are climbing through the rear door in an unusual position. And moving around at night can result in bumps against the top of the trunk. Again—these are issues that are going to apply to any mattress for the Model 3. Also, when one person slept on the mattress alone (naps during the day, mostly) they felt the size issue much less acutely.

1) The Tesmat is super light, easy to unfold and 'install' by one person.
2) The Tesmat is quite soft and comfortable.
3) The Tesmat is perfectly shaped and sized to take up the entire rear of the Model 3, maximizing available sleeping area.
4) The Tesmat is very easy to roll and store in included bag. The rolled mat stores easily in the car.
5) Privacy screen installation is easy.
6) I feel the price is very reasonable for the value. Without Tesmat, I would have needed to get a tent, tent pad, and an air mattress or sleeping mat, to even begin to replicate what we had with Tesmat and the car. And even then I wouldn't be able to fully replicate the benefit of sleeping in the car, such as having more physical security, full climate control, and access to USB/Bluetooth etc. that are available in the car.
7) Tesmat, and accessories, appear to be of high manufacturing quality. We noticed no defects and nothing looking shoddy or like it was cheaply made.

1) I stress, not Tesmat's fault, but you're sleeping in a car and therefore the space is tight. This will not magically make it feel spacious. Although, the arched glass roof does keep the car from feeling claustrophobic at all.
2) The privacy screen does not fit tightly to the windows, and tends to come untucked when going in or out of the car. It fills its purpose, but not as polished as I think it could be.

TESMAT Mattress & Carrying Case for Model 3
Chantal B. (Winterthur, CH)

Super bequem

Privacy Screen for Model 3
Yi-Ping F. (Taipei, TW)

Privacy Screen for Model 3

TESMAT Mattress & Carrying Case for Model 3
Customer (Altamonte Springs, US)
Camp Mode Security Cameras are not active

Not an owner of this product yet, but wanted to comment:

Your product looks very nice, and you state "It's safer than a tent and has its own security system and cameras". Buyers need to know if you use Camping Mode, cameras are disabled, which is a bummer, just wanted to share. Perhaps there is a workaround I do not know about.

Happy camping.

Great sleep

I’m a very light sleeper and was surprised how well I slept on the mattress, I’m a side sleeper so put a yoga mat underneath for extra padding, it’s great quality, easy enough to pack up, definitely does the job for a couple of nights car sleep.

Fitted Bed Sheet for TESMAT
A.S.Ó. (Odense, DK)
As advertised

The product fits perfectly to the mattress. I recommend buying it when buying a mattress.

Privacy Screen for Model 3
A.S.Ó. (Odense, DK)
Good enough, but could use some fixes

I bought the privacy sheet as a combination deal with the mattress.
It does its job, and does it well. All non-tinted windows are blocked off. Where the product could be better, (as also noted by the Swiss Philippe on 21/8/22) is that it could easily have longer skirts in the front, so air-intakes are not blocked, but also in the back.
The product as shipped now, is perfect for use with all seats up. For example like a changing booth on the go. However, as soon as the back seats are put down, the back skirt falls down very easily. I fixed the problem with a heavy object in the storing pouch, but would have liked it if the skirt were somewhat longer, so I could tuck it into panel gaps in the rear.

The mattress does its job well enough. It conforms the rear seats and trunk areas into somewhat comfortable sleeping quarters. The thickness of the memory foam is enough that I can lie fairly comfortably the whole night.
However, I am not entirely satisfied with the product as delivered in the 1-piece version, as a result of three things.
1) The cutout for the wheel wells are too high on the mattress (for my performance trim from 2021), so the whole mattress tends to sit too far back, scrunching up in the rear end, and not giving enough headspace. Every last centimetre counts when you're over 180cm, and I happen to be 182. I don't have to lie diagonally, but it does cut close.
2) The 1-piece structure makes it fairly hard to pack the mattress, as it needs to be rolled up and compressed simultaneously. This also means the two layers of the fold have different spirals, so the inner suddenly juts out quite the lot.
3) The case is not sturdy enough. In order to fit the mattress in the case, it needs to be compressed to some extent, using the straps to help. Packing after the very first try-out camping, one of the magnetic buckles simply broke, leaving a strap that is nothing more than cosmetic.

Apart from these three points, I am all in all fairly satisfied, and 3,5 stars round up to 4.

So, I recommend it, but be aware of the limitations

TESMAT Mattress & Carrying Case for Model Y
Trey C. (West Sacramento, US)
Mostly Good

Please see the video linked below for the full review of the Gen4 mattress for the model Y. YouTube video placeholder

Thanks so much for your in depth review! It also let us know that the pack away may not be as intuitive as we initially thought so we’ll definitely be making video instructions as the process should be much easier than it seems in your video. Some tips: don’t stress rolling up the roll as tight as possible; as long as you can roll it enough to get the Velcro flap to reach the corresponding strip, it will pack away just fine and this should be able to be accomplished without much force. It is much easier to do the extra compression needed with the straps. The roll will look like it does not fit in the bag, but place the rolled up mattress with the hard boards facing up inside the bag. With the bag on the floor, kneel on on the hard boards, while simultaneously tightening the straps. You shouldn’t have to pull too hard on the straps as your body weight should be doing the work of compression while the straps are just utilized to maintain the compression you’ve already done by kneeling on the roll. By not pulling so hard on the straps, they shouldn’t come out of the plastic slits which are present so that the straps can be removable for when using the carrying case as a cooler so that the straps do not get wet. Thanks again for the review! We hope you find these tips helpful as we get our video instructions produced and posted!

Not Just for the Tesla

I use this primarily in my Model 3 however my son recently took to camping and this doubles as our sleeping pad. Quick and easy to roll up and put away. much better than past items I have used.

TESMAT Mattress & Carrying Case for Model Y
Dominic H. (Manhattan Beach, US)
Camping in my Y

My girlfriend and i used my Model Y to camp on the Tesmat for two nights. I definitely had a much better sleep than in a tent and will continue to use this but some modification need to be made as I'm 6'2" to be able to sleep with straight legs. If i pull the mattress away from the tailgate it slides back down during the night so i need to think of a way to stop that. I've also bought some boards to stop the pillows from falling over the edge behind the front seat so that i can have more leg space. If it was just me sleeping in the car then i can lay diagonally with no issues but when there are two people the matress needs to be longer.

Sensational product!

I got one heck of a rest with my Tesmat and privacy shield. I tested it out before I take my 3500 mile round trip from Central Coast California to the Ozark’s of Arkansas. I plan on supercharging it will staying in my car the entire trip. I’m glad I came across your product. I’ll be doing live documenting via YouTube & I’ve already got a vid of your product on TikTok IG & Fb !

Like a glove!

Ordered this a few weeks back and just got a chance to unbox it/slid it in the car. Fits like a glove! Wish I woulda bought the sheets when I bought the mattress, but another order awaits. Excited to go on my road trip and use the heck out of this thing!

TESMAT Mattress & Carrying Case for Model Y

Great product and quality

The entire kit is very well through through, super easy to setup and pack down. Very comfortable as well.

TESMAT Mattress & Carrying Case for Model 3
Mathieu L. (Terrebonne, CA)
Very cool

Awesome product

TESMAT Mattress & Carrying Case for Model Y
Dan S. (Royal Tunbridge Wells, GB)
Super comfortable!

Even though I had to pay £98 import tax to get the product into the UK, and unfortunately I didn’t receive the right components to fit the privacy screen (video seems to show carabiners, but I receive any) and it was a struggle to install, I can’t say these points mean enough to be worth marking down for, since the mattress is incredibly comfortable, perfect fit for the frunk, and all in all we slept on in last night and had an amazing nights sleep! Much more cost effective than Dreamcase I would say. Thanks Tesmat, quality product - if you can send me the carabiners I’d really appreciate that!

TESMAT Mattress & Carrying Case for Model 3
Kerry B. (Frederiksberg, DK)
I'm happy with the Tesmat, though I needed more to make sleeping comfortable

I'm 5' 10" tall and weigh 175 lbs. and sleeping alone in the car. The Tesmat is comfortable itself, but the slant of the back seats means that the "bed" is more like a "recliner" and I slowly slide into the trunk, meaning that my feet touch the back of the car. This wakes me so I have to slide up again, so I can't get a full night's sleep.

I had hoped that the Tesmat would compensate by making the bottom of the mattress thicker than the top, thus giving a more level sleeping surface.

To solve this, I bought a self-inflating mat that I use in the trunk, plus a hiking table that I lay near the top of the folded back seats and on top of the self-inflating mat, then I lay the Tesmat on top of that, giving me a near level bed. That seems to work fairly well (though I've only slept on that configuration for one night).

The privacy shield has a "shiny" side and a "mat" side, but no instructions regarding which should face in or out. I found that "shiny side facing in" works, but "shiny side facing out" is difficult to fix in place. Would be nice to have that suggestion in the instructions. Otherwise, I find that works well.