TESMAT Mattress & Carrying Case

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  • Specifically designed for Tesla Model 3
  • Luxurious & incredibly comfortable Gel Memory Foam mattress
  • Ultra-soft and zippered mattress covers are removable for easy washing
  • 3 individual mats unfold to form a twin sized mattress (38'' x 75'' x 2'')
  • Each individual unfolded mat measures (75'' x 12.5'' x 2'')
  • Carrying Case dimensions are 22'' x 14'' x 10''
  • Mats stack to be easily compressed and stored via a magnetic strap
  • Included TESMAT carrying case is designed to fit in the sub-trunk
  • TESMAT carrying case is insulated and waterproof so that it can also be used as a cooler
See how easy it is to set up TESMAT

And to pack it away...

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Reasons to camp in your Tesla:
  • It will stay at the perfect pre-set temperature all night
  • It's safer than a tent
  • It has it's own security system and cameras
  • It has a fireplace, built in lights, music, and movies
  • Gaze at the stars though the glass roof 
  • Cheaper than a hotel
  • It's a fun adventure & makes road-trips more memorable
  • TESMAT pays itself off after a night or two saving hotel/motel fees 

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Best model 3 accessories I've purchased so far

The tesmat is my favorite accessory for my model 3 that I've purchased. I'm extremely impressed with the quality and how comfortable it is. For the price and how easily it sets up and packs away, every model 3 owner should have one of these. I used it to nap in my car during my lunch break today and it was a total game changer. I wish it included a pillow though

Great product

I got the Tesmat self inflatable mattress. It was really easy to blow up and even easier to blow down and replace it in its case. I have used self inflatable matrasses in the past and this one has been by far the easiest to operate. Thank you as well for supplying the bedding. It fits really well in the rear trunk lower compartment. See pic. Thanks again for a super product.


Awesome! Thanks for the 5 star review and we hope you enjoy your TESMAT on many adventures to come!
what a great idea!

arrived today in germany, just 3 day before a 600mi road trip to spain. cannot wait to test it with my wife. in winter conditions it takes some time for the volume to fully unfold, but then it is better than sleeping in a tent! what a great idea!!! reinvests itself after 3 hotel nights saved....

Wow, glad it arrived in time for your road trip! If you are in cold climates, crank up the heat in your Tesla for about 10 minutes to speed up the expansion of the memory foam. Sounds like an amazing trip. Enjoy!
Great Product!!

I received the product today after pre-ordering it a few months ago. I just want to say thank you to the Creator and the alternative for this would be the DreamCase which is, in my opinion, unreasonably priced. The setup was easy. I didn't test the fit in the car, however, it looked like it would fit inside the Model 3 snugglly. Can't wait to use it for our road trip!!

Thanks for the 5 star review! Hope you enjoy your first road trip with your TESMAT as much as I did!
Tesmat is a steal

Even before owning my Model 3 the stories of people Tesla camping in their Model S sedans made complete sense. It’s the ultimate HVAC tent.

As luck would have it I came across the Tesmat the night the inventor announced its debut. After watching the videos and visiting the website I was sold. The Tesmat is an ingenious blending of form and function.

The killer feature is how small the mattress becomes when compressed into its 22'' x 14'' x 10'' soft case. The three pieces that form the area where your head rests have wood pieces at the bottom of the foam. They serve two purposes: extend the useable space over the well between the front and back seat and make it easy to compress the foam pieces straight down into the carrying case.

The mattress pieces are held down in the carrying case by a strap with a clever magnetic closure. The materials all feel first rate.

Is the Tesmat going to be as comfortable as my memory foam bed? Of course not. Is the Tesmat going to make for a comfortable night of sleeping? Yes, but be realistic. There has to be a tradeoff between comfort and size.

The ability to set up (and put away) the Tesmat in a matter of minutes, coupled with its small footprint, opens a new world of long-distance travel in a Tesla.

If camping in a Tesla Model 3 is your thing, the Tesmat is an absolute steal. After using the Tesmat 3 or 4 times and skipping a hotel you’ve already paid for it. A true no-brainer purchase if you’re a Telsa camper.