Fitted Bed Sheets for TESMAT
Fitted Bed Sheets for TESMAT

Fitted Bed Sheets for TESMAT

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Pair your TESMAT mattress with this luxury microfiber fitted 3-piece bed sheet set.  This sheet set is the perfect size allowing for the elastic bottom sheet to be wrapped taut between the Model 3 rear headrests and sub-trunk cover.

  • Color: Dark Grey
  • Size: Twin
  • Gram Weight: 100 GSM
  • Material: 100% polyester Brushed Microfiber Fabric 
  • Features: Durable, Ultra Soft, Comfortable, Free of Allergens, Breathable, Machine Washable, Wrinkle Fade & Stain Resistant
  • Includes: 1 Flat Sheet, 1 Fitted Sheet & 1 Pillowcase

Will the separate mats move out of place while I sleep?

They stay put! The fabric that the mat covers are made out of gently clings to the carpet on the back of the rear seats. Additionally, fitted bedsheets that are wrapped taut over the rear seat head rests and underneath the sub-trunk/cubby cover help keep everything pressed down in place.

Will this TESMAT fit in my Model S or X?

It will fit, however, TESMAT is currently optimized for Model 3 & Y. Join our mailing list to be notified as soon as pre-orders open up for different Tesla models. 

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship all around the world. Enter your shipping address at checkout to be quoted your delivery price. 

How big the mattress is? How tall of a person does this accommodate?

It's exactly twin sized (75'' long). A 6'3'' person can theoretically lie down on their back on it tip to tip. The top 3 mats have a wooden base underneath the memory foam. When you're lying down, the weight of your shoulders/body supports the portion of the mattress that extends past the end of the rear seat headrests (this is where the head of a tall person would be) .

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Customer Reviews

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Fits perfect

Tesmat & Sheets... So Far So Good!

We are very pleased with our purchase! We haven't used our TESMAT in our Tesla just yet, but we did pull it out and test it a bit in our home. It's now living in the hidden compartment in our Tesla trunk where it fits perfectly, you wouldn't even know it was there!

Fitted Bed Sheets

I purchased the TESMAT expecting gray sheets as advertised. When I received the TESMAT, I opened the package and there were creme colored sheets instead. I have white interior and the creme clashed with my car, and I really was wanting the gray sheets as advertised. I contacted the TESMAT customer service and they said they had run out of the gray and didn't want to delay my order. I'm glad they didn't because I was headed on a trip the next day and was wanting to try the TESMAT out. They were awesome and said they would have the gray ones in the mail as soon as they were back in stock at no charge. The sheets arrived a few weeks later, they are very comfortable and best of all, they fit the TESMAT perfectly. 5 Star service, very quick to reply and provided a great option. I would buy again.

Fits well

Works as expected

Just what we were looking for!

I watched a few reviews on YouTube on this TESMAT before deciding to purchase it. The shipping was quite vague as I was given tracking information through an app a few days after placing the order. I checked on the status almost daily but there were no updates. A few weeks went by and it finally updated. I ended up receiving the TESMAT a little over a month after placing the order. During the wait, I did reach out to the TESMAT team but there was no reply. I pray that in the future, TESMAT will have improved their customer service.

I tested the mat last week, sleeping in the garage. It lived up to my expectations and my conclusion is similar to those of the YouTube reviewers: it is comfortable, giving me a a good night's rest; easy to setup & stow away; takes up little space as it fits perfectly in the subtrunk and even leaving enough room for a vacuumed sealed pillow or two; and best of all, the pricing is much more agreeable than the rest on the market to date. My wife and I will make good use of this on our camping trips and I will surely take advantage of its utility on business trips. Thank you for taking the time to read my review. May God Bless you and your family through this season.

Sorry for the confusion with the shipment date! The product was listed as backordered and a delivery date was displayed on the product page when you ordered. We now have TESMATs in stock and are currently shipping in under 1 week! Glad you are enjoying your purchase. :)