Tesla Model 3 Hack: Rear Camera Clamp (Instructions on how to make)

Instructions on how to build your own Model 3 Clamp for the rear-view camera screen

Tesla Model 3 hack rear view camera clamp gif

Time Required: ~10 minutes

Materials Required:

  • access to a laser cutter
  • 1/4'' acrylic (or any other 1/4'' thick laser cuttable material)
  • ~12'' of 30 gauge wire (Amazon Link)
  • 1 stylus replacement rubber tip (Amazon Link)
  • 10mm cloth tape cut to 96mm length (Amazon Link
  • 2 10mm Chicago screws (Amazon Link)


Design File:

Click here for download


Download the design files and use a laser cutter to cut them out of 1/4'' acrylic.

Materials Required
Stack two of the acrylic pieces on top of each other. Pass the 10mm Chicago screws through the holes. Wrap one end of the 30 gauge wire around the small protruding plastic arm and hold in place with the rubber stylus tip. Bunch up the remaining wire in the upper slot so that your assembly looks like this:

Assembly with wire

Fasten the remaining acrylic piece on top of the other two using the 10mm Chicago screws. Shove any excess wire inside of the upper cavity. Cut your tape to 96mm.

cut tape

Tape the wire gutter closed using the pre-cut fabric tape. This is your finished product:

finished product model 3 hack rear view camera

 Demonstration video:


Don't have access to a laser cutter or want to just buy the finished product? 

model 3 clamp click here


Tesmat Mattress for Model 3


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