tesmat camping mattress made for your tesla

TESMAT Mattress & Carrying Case for Model 3

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TESMAT Mattress GEN 4

Key Improvements:

  • Thicker 3" thick memory foam
  • 1-piece design to prevent possibility of mattress pieces separating
  • Smaller packed footprint with integrated magnetic compression straps that tighten for further compression

  • Luxurious & incredibly comfortable Gel Memory Foam mattress
  • Ultra-soft and zippered mattress covers are removable for easy washing
  • The mat unfolds and unrolls to form a twin sized mattress (38'' x 75'' x 3'')
  • Carrying Case dimensions are 26'' x 14.5'' x 11''
  • Integrated hard planks extend the mattress past the edge of the folded rear seats for maximum sleeping area
  • White vegan leather carrying case top matching your Tesla seat material
  • Magnetic compression strap allows a 3 inch mattress to compress and fit in the sub-trunk 
  • Included TESMAT carrying case is designed to fit in the sub-trunk
  • TESMAT carrying case is insulated and waterproof so that it can also be used as a cooler


    Buy a mattresss + privacy screen and get our TESMAT Fitted Bed Sheets for free!

    Doubles as a cooler &
    Fits in the subtrunk

    What more could you ask for?

    tesmat carrying case doubles as a cooler


    It will stay at the perfect pre-set temperature all night

    It's safer than a tent and has its own security system and cameras

    It has a fireplace, built in lights, music, and movies

    Gaze at the stars though the glass roof 

    It's a fun adventure & makes road-trips more memorable

    TESMAT pays itself off after a night or two saving hotel/motel fees 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 372 reviews
    Anonymous (Yuma, US)
    Good overall quality. I like the way everything is put together.

    I think the kit overall is a five star kit. It has everything that you would want it to have, it’s comfortable. I put an additional matt underneath for added support. The packaging for everything away really works well. I have to say I’ll give this product five stars. The one thing I was disappointed in my buying experience about was it took quite a bit of time in the shipping.

    Theo L. (Rotterdam, NL)

    Very good quality. Well worth the money.
    Fits perfectly in the Model 3. And it's flexible enough to fold backwards if you want to bring the back seats back up. ( Or to fold up if you want to access the sub trunk. ) Great stuff. Very happy with it.

    David A. (Glasgow, GB)
    Tesmat and Privacy Screen

    All well made and smart appearance, which fits the car perfectly, and packs up easily into its own carry bag.
    An excellent addition to the car!
    Many thanks

    Michael P. (Arlington, US)
    I slept fine

    I was out for a week. First time I used camp mode, first time I even considered sleeping in my car on a road trip. And I slept fine. Not sure how to pack it back up, but I’ll figure it out.

    Kelly C. (Houston, US)
    Very great prodcut!

    We took the Tesmat with us (me, wife, 35 pound dog) on our road trip, camping twice (not back-to-back nights) in our Model 3. Overall, I give the Tesmat an A. It performs very well, and as advertised. The major problem, the tightness of the space, is an issue that is going to apply to any type of mattress for the Model 3. In balance, I give 5 stars, because Tesmat does what it says it does very well.

    Generally, the Tesmat's foam is soft, but firm enough to feel supportive. The fit into the rear of the vehicle is perfect. The microfiber sheet is comfortable, and the soft surface of the Tesmat feels much better than the rubbery (or feltlike rubber texture) of most air mattresses. In fact, we used the Tesmat to sleep at one of our destinations on the floor of the room instead of the air mattress the host offered us. This just confirmed for me that the major problem with the Tesmat is really an issue with the Model 3—the small size available—and not the mattress.

    So, the big issue is ironically the small size of the rear compartment of a Model 3. While the Tesmat manages to be a regular twin size mattress, folks that are not used to sharing a twin bed with another adult are going to be much more cramped than they are used to being. And, unlike most beds, the edge of the bed is not empty space but the unyielding frame of the car. Moving in and out of the mattress can feel awkward, as you are climbing through the rear door in an unusual position. And moving around at night can result in bumps against the top of the trunk. Again—these are issues that are going to apply to any mattress for the Model 3. Also, when one person slept on the mattress alone (naps during the day, mostly) they felt the size issue much less acutely.

    1) The Tesmat is super light, easy to unfold and 'install' by one person.
    2) The Tesmat is quite soft and comfortable.
    3) The Tesmat is perfectly shaped and sized to take up the entire rear of the Model 3, maximizing available sleeping area.
    4) The Tesmat is very easy to roll and store in included bag. The rolled mat stores easily in the car.
    5) Privacy screen installation is easy.
    6) I feel the price is very reasonable for the value. Without Tesmat, I would have needed to get a tent, tent pad, and an air mattress or sleeping mat, to even begin to replicate what we had with Tesmat and the car. And even then I wouldn't be able to fully replicate the benefit of sleeping in the car, such as having more physical security, full climate control, and access to USB/Bluetooth etc. that are available in the car.
    7) Tesmat, and accessories, appear to be of high manufacturing quality. We noticed no defects and nothing looking shoddy or like it was cheaply made.

    1) I stress, not Tesmat's fault, but you're sleeping in a car and therefore the space is tight. This will not magically make it feel spacious. Although, the arched glass roof does keep the car from feeling claustrophobic at all.
    2) The privacy screen does not fit tightly to the windows, and tends to come untucked when going in or out of the car. It fills its purpose, but not as polished as I think it could be.