tesmat in the snow
tesmat at the camp site
tesmat under the stars
Made for your tesla

Our patent-pending Gel Memory Foam mattress folds and compresses for storage in the sub-trunk. It sets up in a minute so you can enjoy a quick nap at a supercharger or a full night's rest under the stars in your climate-controlled Tesla. 

Premium materials that feel as good as they look

The mattress is comprised of 3 individual 2.6'' thick memory foam mats that fold and stack. The ultra-soft and zippered mattress covers are removable for washing.

Magnetic Clasp to make storage a snap (literally)

Stack up the mats and compress the memory foam to less than half its size with ease using the TESMAT compression strap that magnetically snaps together. 

Fits in your Tesla's sub-trunk

The compressed mats fit nicely in the included TESMAT carrying case with extra room to keep bedsheets and even a pillow. The case is designed to fit in the sub-trunk so you can forget it's there.  Think of it like a spare tire for your body — out of sight, but there when you need it!

Doubles as a cooler

We made the TESMAT carrying case insulated and waterproof. This way you can fill it up with ice and it won't leak while keeping your beverages and snacks cool while you camp!

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privacy screen for tesla model 3 and model y

Want some privacy?

Introducing Privacy Screen for Model 3 & Y

Covers all windows, sets up in under a minute, and packs away to fit in the palm of your hand.

tesmat car camping mattress set up in tesla trunk

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